With beautiful dried fruits and nuts from over 20 countries, this world-renowned nut roastery gained the digital marketing to become easier than ever for it's North American audience to discover.


From landing page UI to improved task flows, to SEO. Being the Marketing Director at Ayoub's Dried Fruits & Nuts involved understanding our audience and addressing pain-points for a wide range of users: Worldly Explorers, Athletic, Gift-Giving, Netflix-Snacking, All-Natural, Multilingual, Local & eCommerce, in various age groups. 



Minor UI Updates with a Big Impact

Existing product photos on the website were taken in fluorescent lighting mixed with sunlight. I adjusted the colour on every image, and immediately the sales improved on many items!

Pumpkin Seeds - Before & After.png


Data Analytics

In my first 3 months as Marketing Director, compared to their previous year:
- Raised online sales by an average of 150% or 2.5x
- During their annual business peak at Nowruz, online sales were up 5x
- Facebook page got +50 Likes
- Instagram got +200 Followers
- Website traffic increased by 25%
- Products available on the website nearly doubled to better reflect retail offerings, improving customer satisfaction and usability.

SMM and improved UI made a big impact, careful data analytics, market research and SEO. Sales also improved in stores as a result!


Lifestyle Product Photography for Social Media Ads


In the order they were posted, here are a collection of my photos for Ayoub's social media, which also ran as ads. Our audience is diverse, creating a wonderful opportunity to have many sources of inspiration, and many layers of connection to our North American customers.


Wholesale Catalogue Prototype


With retail locations around Vancouver, the owner approached me with a goal: To grow their online sales by 10x. In the first 2 months I used Social Media Marketing and improved website architecture and UI to raise the eCommerce sales by about 2.5x from the previous year. 

There had never been much of a system for onboarding wholesale clients, so the next thing I did was produced their first-ever wholesale catalogue. It included a limited selection of products, and included both English and French to help reach a massive new audience within Canada. I also began to roll that out in our packaging design and other labels as they were being redesigned and distributed.