User-friendly interfaces and seamless flows, to help your audience achieve their goals more intuitively.


Digital marketing

User-friendly branding for a great first impression that lasts, from SMM to SEM.

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Ux/ui design

Data-informed design decisions that stay ahead of the curve on design trends and emerging user bases. 



 Job Title: Marketing - Digital Team

Business Goals: Maintain channel growth to drive awareness and membership. Cover paternity leave.
Contributions: Data Analytics, Scheduling, Storyboarding, Saas App UX/UI Audit, Social Post Reformatting, Introduction of Hashtags, Running Contests, Curating Imagery, Gathering User Feedback.
Outcomes: Lower cost per impression, better return on ad-spend (ROAS), growth of channels, UI improvements.

Job Title: Marketing Director

Business Goal: Multiply online sales.
Contributions: Marketing Strategy, Visual Design, eCommerce, Shopify Webmaster, Festival Vendor Strategy, Strategic Sponsorship Program, B2B Program, Gifting Program, UX/UI, Photography, Copywriting, Advertising, Social Media Marketing.
Outcomes: Online sales multiplied 3x. Estimated 25% in-store sales increase. Additional revenues afforded launch of a 5th store, and their first bakery location.

UX/UI - App Redesign Case Study

UX/UI - iPhone App Prototype

UX/UI - Desktop App Prototype

Job Title: Marketing & Development

Business Goals: Increase Awareness, Product Development, Business Development.
Contributions: Organic Social Media Marketing, Photography, Inside/Outside Sales, Product Design, Sourcing, Project Management, B2B Business Development, Account Management, Positioning.
Outcomes: Approx. $1MM in sales, business sustainability, up to 7x organic social media growth, increased loyalty and rapport.