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Originally from Vancouver Island, my parents had their own small businesses - A smalltown convenience store and a pet shop. Our family left that rural rainforest lifestyle for bigger opportunities in Calgary, where I became immersed in the creative community and journalism.

I completed a degree at the Alberta College of Art & Design and moved to Vancouver in 2014. I helped run a luxury tile facility called Edgewater Studio, and managed their Marketing & Product Development, guiding a more contemporary rebranding process and creating their social media. Eventually I was spending all my spare time at tech events, talks and panels, and returned to school to complete UX/UI Design at Brainstation. I founded my own company Ciel Design Lab in 2017.

You'll commonly find me at a Meetup (locally, or in Seattle, or Toronto, or Montreal, or San Francisco), or heads-down in an East Van café, wrapping up my latest project. Say hello!


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Headshot: Lucy-Kate Armstrong
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