Navigate the city, according to your top speed!


Scooter and eBike riders have a top speed that is lower than most other vehicles, impacting their choice of routes.

Skoot is a navigational app to plan routes in advance, and follow in real time to a destination. It improves green transportation infrastructure without changes to urban planning, increases reliability, and makes riding a breeze!


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Skoot for iPhone X
Eliminate guesswork on your scooter route.

Whether you have your favourite passenger, groceries, or find yourself feeling particularly lightweight and swift, you can adjust on a sliding scale to find roads and shortcuts through the city that best fit your top speed! 


A demonstration of the user interface, functionality and design considerations of Skoot, that are most useful for scooter riders and commuters who plan around a top speed constraint.


A website designed to market the phone app, with a responsive design to view on mobile. You can easily download Skoot on your mobile device from here, or login and create pre-planned routes on a desktop instead of on the phone!